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Note: IF was the wide-ranging but temporary predecessor organization to the Mt. Zion Cemetery Association and completed its mission in 2018. The following webpages are provided for informational purposes only, and the Association is not involved with any non-Mt. Zion Cemetery activities. Initiative Fractal, or “IF” for short, was a collective organization centered around the College City area of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, home of Williams Baptist University. “Initiative” recognizes that volunteers and supporters spearheaded this effort, and “Fractal” recognizes that the larger, more noticeable accomplishments of this effort took place primarily through smaller donations of time, money, and talent, echoing the mathematical source of the term. Initiative Fractal's projects had a threefold focus: exploration, community heritage preservation, and environmental awareness.

A Sierpinski carpet-- an example of a fractal

Initiative Fractal’s ten strategic projects ranged from planting flowers in a historic cemetery to establishing an arboretum. Our two-year work season ended in May 2018 with five projects complete and the other four in various stages of planning and completion, and an encore project, the restoration of Colquette Cemetery in Walnut Ridge, was completed in September 2018.


Below is a list of the ten projects; click on each one to read more. At the top of each project’s individual webpage is a gauge of the level of progress achieved, with completed steps coded green, incomplete steps coded grey, and in-progress steps coded orange.

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