Local Arboretum


Initiative Fractal’s proposed fourth project was to have the 6.5-acre grounds of WBU’s Commandant Commons designated as a campus arboretum. Instead, an alternative solution was devised to develop an unofficial arboretum at Mt. Zion Cemetery instead. As a result, twelve trees of eleven different species have already been planted at the cemetery, and others will be added over time.


The blue rectangle is the originally proposed arboretum site; the green squares are sample locations for the first trees to be planted.

Back of House

The north-facing wings of the Commandant's House.

West Profile of House

The west side of the Commandant's House.

West Patio Ruin1

The ruins of the west patio, which will be renovated and furnished.

West Patio Ruin2

Another view of the west patio ruins; scroll down page for depiction of completed patio.

NE Wing of House

The northeast wing of the house.

North Patio

The back patio, between the two wings.

View from McClellan Dr

A view of the house and grounds from McClellan Dr.

Existing Trees

A decent variety of trees are already established on the site.

Images of the original proposed arboretum site.