Spring Flowers 500


Initiative Fractal’s inaugural project was an ambitious warm-up: planting $500 worth of flower bulbs around the Mt. Zion Cemetery, adjacent to the main WBU entrance on Fulbright Avenue. All flowers planted— 2,000 total— are perennials and will bloom at various stages each spring before going dormant by the time of summer mowing. (The bulbs had to be planted in the fall, though, to give them time to chill before blooming.) Flower selections included crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, muscari, starflowers, wild tulips, and windflowers. This project was completed during the week of Thanksgiving 2016, with additional flowers donated by the Walnut Ridge Walmart planted in spring 2017.

Spring Flowers 500 is one of a growing number of recent efforts to rehabilitate the circa 1878 cemetery. Much work still remains to be done, however, and Initiative Fractal will be collaborating with other groups to try to complete as much as possible in 2017. For more information about those endeavors check out our Mt. Zion Restoration page.