College City Recycling Reboot


The main focus of this project was to increase awareness of current recycling options among College City-area residents and WBU students. The closest recycling bin is located in Walnut Ridge beside the fire station at 218 E Main, and it accepts a wide variety of materials (more information about eligible items can be found here). Ideally, IF hoped to be able to work to help establish a more convenient recycling option in the College City area of WR. One possibility was to attempt to persuade the NEA Recycling Center to place an additional recycling dumpster in the proximity of College City. A convincing case could be made, especially since they already pick up recycling in a more distant location-- Pocahontas-- and since Hoxie and Walnut Ridge each have their own frequently-used bins despite being only two miles apart. The College City area is five miles away from the center of Walnut Ridge.

An overflowing dumpster behind the WBU men's dorms; much of the trash probably could have been recycled instead.