Fulbright Ave Pedestrian Corridor

In this proposed project, IF was hoping to transform the ruins of a neglected WWII-era sidewalk along East Fulbright Avenue into a usable corridor between WBU, the Wings of Honor Museum, and the WR Airport. Volunteer efforts focused on reclaiming the current length of sidewalk, colored green on the adjacent map. Though half-buried and overgrown after seventy years of neglect, this sidewalk is in surprisingly good condition, as shown in the before and after photos below. IF also approached and encouraged local officials to develop a long-term strategy for increased maintenance and improvements to the corridor. High priorities in this endeavor, if it is undertaken,  will be replacing broken or missing concrete segments along the existing sections, replacing a missing bridge over a creek, and improving drainage. If funding becomes available, sections could be added to the sidewalk on either end to fully connect WBU with the Wings of Honor Museum. One recurring possibility of funding could be a Transportation Alternatives Program grant through the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, which provides 80% of funding for infrastructure-related projects costing at least $25,000; deadline each year is June 1.

Route of the Fulbright Pedestrian Corridor; green lines represent intact sidewalk segments, while red lines represent missing or non-existent segments.

Existing sidewalk, leading to the WBU Athletic Annex and the main part of campus.

One section of sidewalk even leads directly to the Wings of Honor Museum.

Before and after shots of IF improvements, 2017.

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