Mt. Zion

Cemetery Association

Maintaining a c. 1875 cemetery in Walnut Ridge, AR

Mt. Zion Cemetery has witnessed many changes over the years, from the growth and demise of a surrounding church and schoolhouse to the cemetery's own neglect and restoration. A nomination effort is underway to place Mt. Zion on the National Register of Historic Places, in recognition of its historic craftsmanship and its status as the last vestige of the now-vanished Mt. Zion community.


Currently in its preliminary stages, the association will be in charge of maintaining and improving the cemetery once the group is fully formed. One immediate goal is to apply for 501c13 federal nonprofit status to ensure that donations are tax-deductible. Feel free to contact the secretary of the association to get involved or simply reach out.


A number of other future improvements are being considered for the cemetery as well, including a dramatic new entry gate, additional landscaping, and surveying the northwestern corner of the cemetery for new gravesites. Other aims, less visible but no less essential, include establishing both a permanent endowment and an ongoing maintenance fund, as well as drawing up a new legal title for the cemetery. Hopefully, as many improvements as possible will be completed by 2025, the 150th anniversary of the earliest confirmed burial in the cemetery.

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