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  • Edward Harthorn

IF Enters Public Arena; Booth Saturday at BATR

Initiative Fractal has now been developed and revised to a point where it is presentable to the general public.

The organization's first project, planting 2,000 flowers at Mt. Zion Cemetery the weekend before Thanksgiving, is currently its main focus and has progressed the most; flowers have been ordered and planting locations are being scoped out. The next three proposed projects, which would take place on the campus of Williams Baptist College, have recently been submitted to the administration of WBC to potentially be greenlighted and will be discussed by them over the coming weeks. IF has also submitted articles of organization and other papers to the Arkansas Attorney General's office for both fundraising registration and, hopefully, classification as an exempt organization, which would result in a more streamlined set of paperwork. Fundraising for future projects will not take place until the projects are approved and IF's files are processed by the AR Attorney General's office.

Those interested in learning more about the organization are welcome to stop by Initiative Fractal's informational booth at Saturday's Beatles at the Ridge Festival in Downtown Walnut Ridge. The festival begins at 8:45 am and ends at 10:00 pm; IF's booth will run from 8:45 until about 4:00 pm, rain or shine. More info about the festival can be found at

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