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  • Edward Harthorn

First 2017 Projects: Exhibit, Bench Installed

An assortment of artifacts unexpectedly unearthed last semester at Mt. Zion Cemetery is now on display, thanks to the Williams Baptist College Bancroft History Society. When planting 2,000 flowers at the cemetery in the fall, volunteers came across glass and pottery shards, cast iron fence finials, and other objects from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The artifacts were removed with permission and researched, and are now located in the Bancroft Society's display case in the atrium of the WBC Maddox Fine Arts Center.

A powder-coated metal bench was also recently installed on the Initiative Fractal/WBC-adopted

section of the Lawrence County Rail-Trail. Several cleanups on the trail will be announced over the next couple weeks on IF's Facebook page.

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