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  • Edward Harthorn

Ten Trees Planted at Mt. Zion Cemetery

IF has recently planted ten trees of nine different species at Mt. Zion Cemetery in WR, thus completing our fourth initiative. (The original aim was to establish an arboretum at the Commandant’s House on the WBC campus, but that offer was declined.) The species include evergreen holly, magnolia, bald cypress, southern live oak, sunset red maple, tulip poplar, flowering crabapple, ginkgo, and a pink-flowering dogwood. As aerial shots from WWII illustrate, the cemetery was quite wooded by the 1940s, but the number of trees has declined since then, so these trees will provide some much-needed shade cover on scorching hot days. We will be paying someone to water and care for these trees over the next several summers, and if folks would like to sponsor a tree it would be most welcome; feel free to message us via the contact tab of this website if interested.

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