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  • Edward Harthorn

Mt. Zion 2020 Fundraiser Underway

2020 is shaping up to be another wonderful year for Mt. Zion Cemetery! Bill Young continues to excel at maintaining the cemetery month after month, and Emma Gipson has done a wonderful job of watering the many trees and shrubs planted in the cemetery in 2018. The Mt. Zion Cemetery Association's board of trustees is completing the second year of their term, and one signature accomplishment this year was the development of a new photo anthology on our website at The site features more than 1,000 photos related to an assortment of topics-- the 2016-2018 restoration of the cemetery, individual gravestone images, historical photos and census records related to the cemetery, and much more. In August, the Walnut Ridge & Hoxie Online Archive ( was unveiled, providing free access to 1,000+ primary sources on the two towns' pre-WWII history, and thus illuminating the lives & times of many of Mt. Zion Cemetery's residents.

As we look to continue this momentum into the future, any donation to the association you would be able to provide, large or small, would be much appreciated! Donations will help cover the $125/month costs of mowing & maintaining the 2.75 acre cemetery in 2021-- $1500 over the course of the year. All funds raised beyond that will help build up a savings fund to ensure the cemetery's future stability-- our goal is to have enough reserves to cover at least three years' worth of potential expenses, if not more. Donations can be mailed to: Mt. Zion Cemetery Association, c/o Treasurer Jerry Gibbens, 306 Eastwood Circle, Walnut Ridge, AR, 72476.


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